Bitcoin, safe and easy.

Coinbase is an international digital wallet that allows you
to securely buy, use, and accept bitcoin currency

Bank Level Security.

We take careful measures to ensure our website and customer bitcoin are as secure as possible. Learn More ›

Offline Backups.

Up to 97% of customer funds are stored offline in bank vaults to prevent theft or loss.

Fully Encrypted.

Wallets (and private keys) are stored using AES-256 encryption and the site runs entirely over SSL.

Buy & Sell.

Hook up your bank account to start buying and selling bitcoin in minutes. It’s that easy.

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Mobile Wallet.

Send Bitcoin just like you would an e-mail - it's fast and free everywhere in the world.

Available on Android ›  iPhone ›  SMS › and the web.

Merchants Welcome.

Easily set up your business to accept bitcoin and connect to the world – with the lowest fees in the industry.

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