Payment processing that will add to your bottom line.

No Fees.

Your first $1,000,000 in payment processing is free on Coinbase. After that pay just 1% to cash out bitcoin (or less based on volume). more…

No Chargebacks.

There is no need to worry about chargebacks when using Bitcoin – they don’t exist.

No Exchange Rate Risk.

You receive the exact amount of local currency you price your products at, guaranteed.

Easy Integration.

We’ve created a set of professional merchant tools that make it easy to accept bitcoin payments on your website or mobile device.

We're also the only service to offer recurring billing and free micro-transactions in bitcoin.

Cash Out.

We can exchange Bitcoins into your local currency at any time – with zero exchange rate risk. You never need to hold bitcoin (unless you want to) and payouts are delivered in two business days to your bank account. more…

Our Two Click Checkout connects you to 1,100,000 consumer wallets.
  • Two clicks.
  • Instant Confirmation.
  • Coinbase pays miner fee.
  • Copy a 30 character address.
  • 10 minute confirmation.
  • User pays miner fee.

We offer the lowest-friction checkout in bitcoin, with 1,100,000 Coinbase consumers who can complete a two-click checkout.


Point of Sale

We’ve got brick and mortar retailers covered with point of sale solutions available online and on Android. more…


Metrics on the growth of your business can be exported in your local currency, and sent to your accountants. more…


We provide a powerful REST API for integrating bitcoin payments into your business or application. more…

We’re trusted.

Bank level security, easy integration, and our competitive pricing make us a top choice amongst merchants.

and more...

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